Arne Degenring has over 20 years of professional experience with a long track record of successful projects.

This includes Architecture and Consulting roles as well as hands-on development, for example:

  • Software Architect and Managing Director of Luxonit GmbH
  • Architect and Lead Developer for a "Big Data" document repository for historical financial data
  • Architect, Scrum Master and Developer for a complex, low-latency OTC trading and derivatives pricing system
  • Development of a Web-based tool for release and dependency management
  • Agile Coach and Lead Developer for an investment bank’s master data system, with team and location transition
  • Development of an iPhone application
  • Lead Architect for a Web Front End and a SOA integration layer of a new master data system
  • Consulting related to Model-Driven and Generative Software Development within a bank
  • Consulting, Mentoring and Development for in-house Java Competence Center of a major German banking corporation
  • Conception/creation of a company-wide build automation and continuous integration system
  • Study for company-wide Service-Oriented Architecture within an insurance company
  • Software Architect for a bank accounting system
  • Member of expert team for creating Sun Microsystems’ EJB 3.0 certification exam
  • Training and workshops on topics such as Java 5.0, Model-Driven Software Development, Hibernate, Maven, Eclipse RCP, OSGi...
  • Author of several technical articles on Java Enterprise related topics
  • ... and many more ...

Your Project

Please contact Luxonit GmbH to talk about YOUR next project.

"We would like to emphasize the introduction and integration of new technologies where you helped us with your extensive expertise in a very persuasive way. [...] Both through mentoring and through training and workshops, you gave important impulses to our employees for their own professional development." -Team Leader with a large banking corporation

"Thanks to his friendly, open and engaging way, Mr. Degenring was able to integrate himself very well into the project team and he was highly valued also when interacting with other stakeholders. [...] We would like to thank him again for the excellent cooperation and will recommend him to others." -Project Manager with another large banking corporation

"In our project, Arne has shown a deep understanding of Java Enterprise technologies, and how to put them into practical use. We were impressed with his conceptual skills, as well as his communication skills. We particularly liked his way of making the underlying technology 'understandable' for non-techies. [...] In general, I can highly recommend to work with him."" -Co-Founder and CTO of a start-up